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With the support of educPLAN, you can...


  • Create a global presence on your campus.

  • Create a strategic plan to internationalize your institution.

  • Develop teacher training certificate programs for adult ESL teachers.

  • Implement “train the trainer” programs.

  • Create professional development opportunities for your staff.

  • Implement Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

  • Learn how to vary language teaching methods to meet the needs of a diverse student body, e.g. from the perspective differences in ethnicities and proficiency levels.

  • Gain expertise in “Motivation and Leadership in Language Learning”.

  • Create and maintain language immersion programs.

  • Develop expertise in curriculum design in higher education.

  • Evaluate the design and functionality of your language program and make updates.

  • Assess the abilities and methods of your instructional team.

  • Update the teaching materials and methods at your institute.

  • Find avenues to create new partnerships with other institutions or funders.

  • Provide support for the organization and staffing of international programs.

  • Develop the leadership of your administration team.


  • Develop a new school concept (e.g. primary, secondary) focusing on global education.

  • Promote schooling on the basis of the Reggio Pedagogical Philosophy

  • Develop a new school concept (e.g. primary, secondary) focusing on bilingual schooling.

  • Change your schooling program in order to incorporate international issues.

  • Install a new school subject on European/International Studies.

  • Introduce Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

  • Develop strategies how to teach the host country language to speakers of other languages.

  • Introduce a foreign language in early childhood education.

  • Create a language immersion or teaching training program at your institution.

  • Develop expertise in curriculum design.

  • Plan and implement whole school evaluation.

  • Develop strategies on how to assess teachers and principals.

  • Improve foreign/second language teaching at your institution.

  • Install self-assessment components in the teaching/learning process.

  • Support individualized teaching programs.

  • Reorganize the structure of your educational institution.


  • Send us an email for consultancy request with details of your project.

  • The educPLAN managing team will contact you.

  • educPLAN will establish contact with pertinent institutions and agencies, as needed.

  • If requested, educPLAN will arrange a face-to-face visit for an initial consultation.

  • educPLAN will create a detailed project plan including costs, timeline, and expected outcomes.

  • Development of project in close cooperation with client.

  • Finalization of project.

"Feel free to contact us with any questions or needs"

educPLAN Team

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